Tahiti & South Pacific Islands

The South Pacific offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, with azure waters, majestic peaks and lush valleys. Cruises to this area of the South Pacific -- located halfway between California and Australia -- visit the Society Islands and its popular island of Tahiti, the Cook Islands, Marquesas Islands, Tuamotu, Fiji, Solomon Islands and more.

Many tourists are attracted to these islands’ carefree lifestyle, white sandy beaches and unspoiled terrain. Spend time exploring a lagoon on a glass-bottom boat ride, hike into the mountains for stunning views of the varied landscape or shop for Tahitian black pearls, one of the world's rarest pearls. Water activities abound with opportunities to scuba dive, snorkel, jet ski, parasail and windsurf off the coast of many islands.

  • Cruises to Tahiti & South Pacific islands are available year-round.
  • Most cruises to Tahiti & South Pacific islands last from 7 to 14 nights.
  • Papeete is the most common departure port for a Tahiti cruise, but longer cruises that visit more islands are occasionally available from larger cities such as Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Diego, Fort Lauderdale or Sydney. If you must fly a very long distance to reach your port of departure, we suggest that you arrive at the port city at least one or two days in advance of your cruise. This will give you time to rest and get oriented before boarding the ship. Most cruise lines offer pre-cruise hotel packages.
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